Private Power Poles

If you have private power lines or a private pole on your property, it is your responsibility to inspect and maintain them.

It is important that you inspect your private power lines and poles at least once a year and after severe weather events, to check for any visible signs of deterioration. However, safety comes first, so you must never climb a pole, approach the wires, attempt any electrical repairs yourself or cut any vegetation near an energized power line. Contact with live wires can kill!

It is recommended that you check for obvious defects, such as:

  • leaning poles;
  • low hanging or damaged wires;
  • large cracks or termite damage in wood poles; and
  • corrosion in steel poles at the ground line.

It is recommended that any vegetation should be maintained and kept at least two meters clear of power lines. 

My power pole needs replacing

If you come across any obvious or suspected defects during a visual inspection, immediately arrange for further inspection or repairs by a licensed ASP Level 2 electrical contractor.

If the private power poles or lines on your property have reached the end of their serviceable life, it is recommended that you replace it.

If your property is inspected by an electrical inspector and your pole is found faulty, your electrical services could be defected and disconnected immediately.

What are my options?

Contact Duncan by phone on 0412 497933 or email at Duncan Kerr Electrical for further information about replacement and/or renewal options. We have ASP Level 2 licensed electricians trained and ready to meet your electrical requirements.

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