Repairs & Maintenance

In the highly hazardous field of electrical work, there is no room for error. Our Electricians are highly trained and have many years of experience with excellent skills which enables them to diagnose electrical problems and find the correct solutions quickly and efficiently.

Duncan & his team of electricians have a continuing responsibility to work professionally in order to meet the requirements of their clients.

As professional electricians we will not tolerate substandard wiring or installations. Our approach is to exceed standards for all projects big or small. Years of work in the industry means we know what it takes to be a great electrician, and we’re all about giving our customers the best workmanship & product quality possible.

An electrical inspection will ensure your home or business’s wiring and other electrical components are in good working order and do not pose any potential hazards.

2 DK switchboard

Some of our maintenance includes :

  • A comprehensive electrical inspection
  • Determining any electrical hazards
  • Checking for any exposed wires
  • Checking for out-dated wiring
  • Testing safety switches
  • Inspection of Main Switch Board & Meter Box
  • Checking safety switches
  • Testing power points and lighting
  • Evaluating the level of electrical supply (Maximum demand)
  • Assessing whether the home includes any DIY wiring
  • Noting the location of smoke alarms and testing them
  • Testing & tagging of electrical appliances, leads etc. to comply with current government regulations
  • Exterior lighting & Security

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