In Screed Heating

dke in screed heating

In screed heating is used in areas such as bathrooms, or where a screed topping is to be laid over an existing slab or flooring.

In screed heating enables you to use almost any type of floor covering such as tiles, carpet and stone. A 20mm or thicker sand and cement screed bed is laid over the cables, which have been secured on top of concrete, fibre cement sheeting or even waterproofing. Because the heating cables are closer to the surface than an ‘in-slab’ installation the response time is faster. This is the perfect solution when renovating bathrooms or living areas where tiles will be laid. By connecting to a programmable controller your floor heating can be set to automatically come on when you need it.

The electrician Newcastle team offers a full design, quotation and installation service for in screed heating.

When you think electrician Newcastle, think no further than Duncan Kerr Electrical. Contact the electrician Newcastle team today and chat to one of our friendly staff members. We look forward to working with you.

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