Hydronic Floor Heating

Hydronic floor heating is a central water-based heating system designed to run continuously during the (winter) heating season.

It is not, however, designed for occasional "demand" heating like some electric floor heating systems. Hydronic floor heating is best used in spaces of 100m2 and larger with a minimum sizes requirement of 50m2, making it a suitable option for heating an entire home.

The electrician Newcastle crew can supply and install Hydronic Floor Heating for your home or business.

Our Hydronic floor heating systems are designed to deliver optimum comfort from the ground up. Our parts are made by industry recognised European manufacturers with reputed best in class warranties and our systems are energy efficient and economical to run. Our offering includes:

  • Rehau – piping
  • Danfoss - manifolds and supporting parts
  • Bosch & Baxi - boilers

Heat Sources:
These systems can be paired with a number of different energy sources. Gas boilers are commonly used in conjuntion with other heat sources including solar energy, natural gas and electric heat pumps.

There are a number of different types of hydronic floor heating systems designed for all different application and purposes including:

  • In-slab
  • In-screed
  • Under wooden subfloors
  • Under battened timber floors

Most installations can be quoted from floor plans and this service is provided free of charge and/or obligation. The electrician Newcastle team will assist you with advice on design and how floor heating could best work for your personal situation and needs.

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When you think electrician Newcastle, think no further than Duncan Kerr Electrical. Contact the electrician Newcastle team today and chat to one of our friendly staff members. We look forward to working with you.

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