Under Tile Heating

dke under floor heating

Under tile heating isused where tiles are to be laid directly over an existing slab or flooring.

The electrician Newcastle team's Devimat™ floor heating is the natural choice and is a very elegant solution for bathrooms, en-suites, kitchens or any other area where tiles are commonly used and warmth underfoot is desirable. It is very practical and easy to install, delivering warmth on demand and efficiently controlled with an electronic thermostat and optional programmable timers. As well as a comfortable warm floor, the system is energy efficient and the heat generated from a Devimat™ underfloor heating system will drift upwards and warm the room.

The ‘super-thin’ Devimat™ floor heating system is only 2.5mm thin and is ideal when existing floor heights must be maintained. No “set down” is required and as it is so thin it is installed directly into the tile adhesive bed.

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